500 Series - Flowmeters


Variable area flowmeters with glass measuring tube for small

and large flows, suitable for gases and liquids.


Technical Features

Flowmeters can be used in the following industries: chemical

and petrochemical, pulp and paper, food and sugar,

pharmaceutical, glass, textile, mining, metallurgical and

galvanizing industry. The instruments can also be used by

manufacturers of water treatment plants, wine, thermal,

hospital and anti-pollution plants.


Technical Data

• Accuracy: ± 2% of f.s. (±3% with spherical float)

• Max. working temperature: 60°C. On request, versions

can be made for use in temps. up to 200°C.

• Length of reading scale:

- 230 mm. for all types up to mod. 505b

- 340 mm. for types 500-Z1, 500-Z2, 500-Z3.

• Measuring range: 1-10

• Guided float (only on metallic version):

- for gases as from mod 502 - b

- for liquids as from mod. 503 - b.


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