Electro hydraulic Actuator System


In compliance with customers specifications and international standards designed systems for all requirements

of control applications. Simultaneous actuating of several, independent control cylinders with one hydraulic

system. Linear actuator force up to 2.000.000 N Rotary actuator torques up to 700.000 Nm.


• Analogous position control with servo-valves / proportional valves

• Step control or open-close function

• Safety-control devices with triple pressure test units according to German “Technical Standards

for Steam Boilers“ TRD 421, with type-test certificate of the German TÜV

• Possible functions for failsafe position in case of electric power supply failure:

- Blocking in the last control position

- Moving to position open or close by using hydraulic

accumulators or with spring force

– accumulators for several emergency strokes

• Double motor-pump-units with automatic change over

• Internal control, monitoring and transfer of signals to the main control room with programmable controller (PLC)

• Connection to BUS-systems possible

• Text display or local control panel for indication of operating modes, signalizations and alarms

• Special designs for operation in explosive atmospheres

• Design for mineral oil or for fire resistant hydraulic fluid, e.g. HFD-R.

• Installation of the hydraulic unit and of the interconnecting pipe

• Installation of inter connecting cables

• Commissioning

• Service

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