Electrohydraulic Linear Actuator

The Reineke RKA electro-hydraulic actuator is a self contained actuator type. All relevant
components as motor-pump unit, piston, servo valve or proportional control valve, mechanical
feedback, filters, check valves, relief valves, pressure gauges, pressure, level and temperature
alarm sensors are mounted inside and on the bonnet of the container. All pipings between those
components are inside the container and therefore a total sealed system. A junction box for
electric power and signal cables is also mounted on the bonnet of the container.
The RKA electro-hydraulic actuator has two main features; as Linear Actuator (RKA-H) and as
Rotary Actuator (RKA-D). The RKA actuators are available in three sizes of containers
depending on the output force.
• Oil container
• Motor pump unit (single or three phase)
• Pressure filter unit
• Pressure relief valve
• Reineke servo valve (4-20 mA) with integral locking device
• Hydraulic cylinder (piston and rod)
• Nitrogen filled bladder accumulator type with add. filling and safety valve for two
selectable functions: (a) to move in case of emergency the control valve in a fail safe
position or (b) to hold supplemental power to supply the specified number of valve strokes.
In both cases the fail mode actions caused by motor power or input signal failure and / or an
override remote signal from the control room.
• Motor pump unit with a two stage gear pump
• Explosion proof design
• Open – closed function
• Input signal monitoring device for add. fail mode functions (“fail fix” in last position)
• Position transmitter for the feedback signal to the control room
• Disc spring pile for spring return function
• Yoke / lever
• Manual pump with manual selector
• Throttle valve to adjust the piston rod speed
• Sun or rain shelter
• Limit switches (mechanical or inductive)
• Oil cooler or heater

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