Products Flow measurements

Our flow measurement coverage includes venture flow meters, helical meters and variable area flow meters. We can also provide orifice plates, orifice fittings, pilot tubes and much more. Let us know if you can't find what you are looking for.

Flow Measurements

Orifice Plates

Averaging Pitot Tubes

Wedge Meters


Venturi Tubes

Sub-Sea Measurement

Variable Area Flow Meter

Alarm Switches

CV Series Flow Switch

PL Series Flow Switch

PLD Series Flow Switch

TGO Series


Surface Mount Sensors


Cable Sensors

Multipoint Sensors

Flow Indicators

IVF Series - SPO

IVF Series - SLE, SLC, SBC

IVF Series - SPA

Differential Pressure

Transmitters for flowmeters series TMN/TMG

110, 130/132, 140 Series Flowmeters

212 Series Flowmeters

212r Series - Purge Flowmeters

FD Series - Flowmeters

FTV Series - Flowmeters

RV Series - Flowmeters

TMG250 Series - Metallic Flowmeters

TMN250 Series - Metallic Flowmeters

TMS100 Series - Metallic Flowmeters

231 Series - Purge Flowmeters

231R Series - Purge Flowmeters

500 Series - Flowmeters

FBB Series - Flowmeters